GP638 Plus

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The Motorola GP638 Plus keypad radio, is one of the toughest from Motorola Professional Series to date. Rated IP67* dust-tight and water submersible, the radio is also resistant to knocks and drops. Lightweight and compact, the GP638 Plus has received Factory Mutual (FM) Approval and meets Military Standard (MIL) 810C,D, E and F.

Please check with your local distributor on the availability of this model in your country.




Advanced Audio Technology

• Motorola's voice compression and low level expansion technology enable crisp, clear and loud audio, keeping
  communications lines clear during critical missions.

Compact but rugged

• Meets Military Standard (MIL) 810C, D , E and F
• The GP638 Plus conforms to stringent Factory Mutual (FM), making it suitable to operate in hazardous environments
  such as petrochemical and manufacturing plants.


• Supports MDC1200 signalling, Quick Call signalling and DTMF signalling.
• Equipped with LCD display, users will be warned on low battery strength through the LDC indicator.
• Easy to read 14-character alphanumeric dot matrix text display enable user to identify the caller and radio’s operating
  status at a glance.
• Name tagging with capability to assign 8 different visual caller-ID to 8 specific users/talkgroups.
• Easy to navigate menu keys allow users to select the relevant functionalities at their fingertips.
• Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Encode allows user easy access to local telephone networks or to make a private
  calls to other radio system users from one radio.

*Dust-tight and water submersible are tested as per criteria in IEC(International Electrontechnical Commission) 60529 IP67.


MDC1200 Signalling, Quick Call II signaling & DTMF Signalling
Number of channels


Keypad :- Yes

Emergency button :- Yes
Display :- Yes

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
101.5 mm x 56.5mm x 37mm
Weight (with standard battery)
320gms with Lilon battery


Battery life (based on a 05/05/90 duty cycle)
10 hours at 5:5:90 cycle with LiIon (Hicap) battery at High Power, 13 hours at 5:5:90 cycle with LiIon (Hicap) battery at Low Power
Frequency range
136 – 174 MHz/ 330 – 400 MHz/ 403 – 470 MHz/ 450 - 527MHz


Mil spec :- 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810F Intrinsic safety standard :- Yes